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My interpretation of Cheddar Man at 35. (even though he died in the his 20s). Thanks to Kennis brothers and Chris Stringer for this ground breaking research. Science continues to amaze me!  
Cheddar Man's remains had been unearthed 115 years ago in Gough's Cave, located in Somerset's Cheddar Gorge. Subsequent examination has shown that the man was short by today's standards - about 5ft 5in - and probably died in his early 20s.
Prof Chris Stringer, the museum's research leader in human origins, said: "I've been studying the skeleton of Cheddar Man for about 40 years
"So to come face-to-face with what this guy could have looked like - and that striking combination of the hair, the face, the eye colour and that dark skin: something a few years ago we couldn't have imagined and yet that's what the scientific data show."


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This is an age progression of the famous Turkana Boy, the Homo erectus fossil KNM-WT 15000 found by Kamoya Kimeu, Meave Leakey and Richard Leakey, It is believed to be between 1.5 and 1.6 million years old. However, the fossil definitely showed lumbar disc herniation, an injury implicated with his death. He also had a diseased mandible. (from wiki).  But what if Turkana, boy had aged normally?  I’m being MORE THAN “GENEROUS” here in assuming that he lived to a “ripe old age” of 65 which by present day standards is average, but in those times would be well over the top end of the lifespan which was 50 at most for Homo erectus. But indulge me. ;).  

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