John Bavaro 

I am an Associate Professor of Art at Edinboro University where I teach Painting, Drawing and Design. I received my BA in Literature from Miami University and my MFA (Painting) from the University of Cincinnati. I have had numerous solo exhibitions. My interest in early man stems from my interest in all types of primatology and paleoanthropology. I’m a trained artist, a painter by training, yet not a paleoanthropologist. Though I have studied monkeys and humans in countless portraits. My series of “early man” naturally came out of the portraits in oils but I now work in Zbrush. I attempt to be accurate and up to date with new discoveries. Who knows what cave they’re looking in now.....

​​​​Human Evolution -the art of John Bavaro​​ 

 human  evolution anthropology paleoanthropology early hominids


The Art of John Bavaro

Illustration Of Early Man