​​​This is my idea of what the Denisovans might have looked like. The first example not the second example ("Lingjing Man" archaic human Homo sapiens.) Seeing as how they have a wide range from Siberia to Indonesia, I’m “sure” that they have wide range of skin tones and facial features the DNA that was extracted from the finger bone that they found in Siberia shows that the young girl had brown eyes and dark skin.  Also there are no skulls or bones available except a tooth and a toe bone.

DNA research has proven that they interbred with Homo neanderthalensis, which has 3% of the non-African genomes. Denisovan genetic fragments was found to be larger than neanderthal fragments with Melanesians populations that has significant Denisovan genetic ancestry, representing between 1.9% and 3.4% of their genome. I realize that I have a different look to both of them because they interbred with neanderthal and the Homo sapiens at (unknown) timelines. Denisovan genes can potentially be linked to a more subtle sense of smell in Papua New Guineans and high-altitude adaptions in Tibetans. (

​Denisova hominins or “Denisovans” are Palaeolithic members of the Homo genus that may belong to a previously unknown species of human. The Denisovans occupied a vast realm stretching from the chill expanse of Siberia to the steamy tropical forests of Indonesia - suggesting the third human of the Pleistocene displayed a level of adaptability previously thought to be unique to modern humans.






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