Specimen: Wits-Dinaledi-Reconstruction-1, Homo naledi
Specimen taxonomy: Homo naledi
Element: Skull and mandible
Institution: Evolutionary Studies Institute, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
The National Geographic Society and the University of the Witwatersrand

Reconstructed by Prof. Peter Schmid 2015
Ashley Kruge
Lee Berger, Debra Bolter, Douglas Boyer, Steven Churchill, Darryl de Ruiter, Lucas Delezene, Mana Dembo, Jeremy DeSilva, Elen Feuerriegel, Heather Garvin, William Harcourt-Smith, John Hawks,Trent Holliday, Tracy Kivell, Myra Laird, Damiano Marchi, Caley Orr, Peter Schmid, Lauren Schroeder, Caroline VanSickle, Scott Williams

​​​​Human Evolution -the art of John Bavaro​​ 

 human  evolution anthropology paleoanthropology early hominids