Australopithecus "Little Foot" 3.67 mya. Paleoanthropology

"Little Foot" Australopithecus- I don’t want to jump into the controversy about whether it’s Australopithecus africanus or Australopithecus Prometheus or is it nomen nudum. I’ll let that sort out on its own “time”.  Also the dating that I assign to it as 3.67 mya. Is it correct? I don’t know. Also there is some controversy about reconstruction of the skull. But I tried to re-create it the best of my abilities. The left arm and hand is due the injury that she sustained in childhood. But speculation that hand curled up due to rigor mortis in her death to me is fascinating, because how often do we get to experience a hand found en situ! I know don’t know whether it is rigor mortis or the result of muscle atrophies from Spinster's Claw caused by forearm injury (and was she a spinster 😉). But I’m out of my league on this debate. paleoanthropology, early hominids

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